Sacramento cheer teams
How can I become a member of Cheer Sacramento?

We have annual try-outs. If you have missed the try-outs but have cheer or dance experience, please contact us.
We accept new members throughout the year on a case by case basis.

Are practices mandatory?

Yes, practices are mandatory. A team can only be as good as its weakest member and can not increase its skill set without everyone being there. If a team member misses practice, it holds entire stunt groups back.

When and where do you practice?

We have mandatory practices every Sunday from 6pm-9pm. Our practice facility is located at Brookfield Elementary, Sacramento. We encourage stunt groups to attend local open gyms to perfect their skills.

How much does it cost to be a member of Cheer Sacramento?

Each Member is responsible for purchasing her own uniform and any other accessories deemed necessary. Members are responsible for her own travel expenses. Approximate costs for uniforms are about $275. We do keep our uniforms for at least 2 years.

Our annual team cost is $420. We break that down into monthly payments of $35 for the teams convenience

Who Coaches the team?

As of our 2017-18 our coaches will be Izzy and Hunter. Both Izzy and Hunter have extensive cheerleading experience as well as tumbling experience. We are excited to have them coaching the team this season! Our founder, Meri, will be assisting.

What kind of events do you perform at?

We perform at various events throughout the year. These events range from runs to television performances to Pride events to festivals. We even have even been in a Coca Cola Commercial as well as America’s Got Talent Season 10 Commercial! We have about one event per month.

What is the minimum/maximum age to be on the team?

You must be 18. There is no maximum age for the team.

We currently have members in their 40’s on the team.

How long is the required commitment to CHEER Sacramento?

We require a one year commitment to the team.

Is tumbling or prior cheer leading experience required to join?

Tumbling is not required. We can put you in contact with optional tumbling classes if you would like to learn how to tumble.

Cheerleading and/or dance experience is preferred. If you have cheered but it has been awhile, no worries. You must understand the fundamentals of and be willing to participate in stunting. Being coachable and believing in our mission is the most important factors

Do you compete?

Cheer Sacramento’s mission is to help Non-Profits raise money with our dynamic stunt and dance routines. As of right now, we have no plans to compete. We me do expo routines at competitions.

I do not cheer, but want to still help, is there anything I can do?

Auxiliary members are members that do not perform, but help with events and behind the scenes.  There are many positions you could volunteer for that do not require you to perform.

Is Cheer Sacramento a co-ed team?

Yes, the team is open to males and females. Males do not need cheer experience to join.

Do members of the team get paid?

All members are volunteers. Even our founder has never made one dime for her dedication to our organization.

Is Cheer Sacramento NonProfit?

Since its inception, Cheer Sacramento has been a not for profit organization, as of 2016 Cheer Sacramento will be supporting the newly created Cheer for Tomorrow Foundation, a 501c organization.


If you have any other questions, please contact us.


CONTACT US Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Email Meri Thresher, President/Founder at the following link:

Email Cheer Sacramento

Our Charitable Foundation Each time Cheer Sacramento performs at an event we take along our spirit buckets to receive the generous donations of spectators who are thrilled and inspired by our performances.The spirit buckets help to fill our Cheer for Tomorrow Foundation which supports local nonprofits